All organisations have in effect two tasks - the one they are set up to do, and a second task of developing and maintaining the processes for doing it. Our focus on the world of work and organisations is reflected in the design of the Bayswater Working Conference, which is known as the ‘double task’ model.

Members bring a 'back-home' task to work on, so their experiences of working in their groups, and the dynamics of the Conference as a whole, are linked to their work situations back home, and are not split off into separate worlds.














































ADAM HOARE - Director of Health and Social Care

Adam joined the BI in February 2016 as the Director of Health and Social Care.

Adam has had a varied background in start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises focused on technology development and deployment. He has collaborated for the last seven years with partners in health and social care to embed video and digital communications into practice. He is motivated by the need to embrace the capabilities of technology in care delivery to address the rapidly changing demographic and financial needs of society. His particular focus is on developing understanding of the social and cultural aspects of building practitioner engagement with technology platforms and how this relationship can evolve to generate new care services. 

With an academic background in physics, mathematics, life sciences and management, Adam has occupied a range of roles in technology companies. Following seven years of research in biomagnetism and magnetic recording media he went on to spend six years in research and development, developing test equipment for optical disc (CD and DVD.) During this period Adam managed numerous software/hardware projects for companies in the entertainment industry. Through collaboration with universities and UK development agencies, he was able to secure funding to develop and expand the scope of projects. 

Following this, as Director of Sales over 5 years, Adam sold test equipment, handled agents worldwide and promoted the company at trade shows and conferences. He then spent five years developing companies in the US and working as a consultant in the areas of test equipment, disc quality analysis and management consultancy. He is a chartered physicist, member of the Institute of Physics, a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is also an honorary visiting research fellow at Bradford University in the digital health enterprise zone health and wellbeing centre of the faculty of heart studies.